Give Your Best Performance Every Time

Would you like to:

  • Build relationships to enhance collaboration and drive business results?
  • Feel more confident in tough situations?
  • Connect more readily with others?

Those who exhibit Executive Presence always seem to command a stage on every level – from the shareholder meeting to the chance meeting in the hallway.

If you’re not there yet, what does it take to elevate your presence powerfully in every presentation, every meeting, every interaction?

Executive Presence can be elusive because it changes at different levels and is based on the work culture you find yourself in. As you move up in organizations, the stage on which you express yourself also grows. How you look, act and speak turn out to be critical to your success.

At Blix Consulting and Coaching, we work with a lot of business leaders who want to reach that next level yet recognize there’s just something holding them back that they can’t put their finger on.

Executive Presence Coaching Process:

In this customized coaching, we enlighten leaders on how they come across in a variety of business situations and how their behavior may be amended to leave a more powerful impression. Coaching usually occurs over a period of 6 months to allow for self-reflection and application of skills between sessions.

When dealing with Executive Presence, we focus on the behaviors and skills that contribute to three key areas:

  1. Gravitas
  2. Communication
  3. Appearance

How do you react under fire? How do you enter a room? What’s your interaction like with other people? Do you speak first or ask questions and listen first? Do you show integrity and speak the truth? Are you able to read a room and connect with your audience? Do you have any notable appearance blunders?

As a result of your new self-awareness, you’ll have a much greater chance of colleagues and clients being influenced by you and wanting to follow you!

Success Story

CLIENT: Director of Sales/Marketing, manufacturer of medical supplies

NEED: Develop Executive Presence in preparing for promotion.

RESULT: While successful in exceeding sales targets, a high-potential, youthful director’s lack of executive presence was hindering his career ambitions. Through 3600 feedback, Sherri’s honest and constructive observations, as well as insightful self-reflection exercises, he was able to change his limiting behaviors. Within six months, he more effectively influenced others, better managed his team, and drove significant growth, all outcomes positioning him for his next promotion.

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