Sherri is a consummate professional with whom I have a tremendous amount of trust and respect. She cares deeply for others and is extremely dependable. She seeks out opportunities and continues to grow professionally in the field of Training and Organizational Development.

Great critical thinking, good at stakeholder analysis, compassionate, approachable, easy to be around and work with!

Sherri is extremely talented with respect to communication skills and Executive Presence. I also really enjoy partnering with Sherri on various projects.

Sherri is the best. She makes herself available and is encouraging, practical, resourceful and giving. She helps me envision for myself the life I always wanted and helps me take steps to get there. When I speak with Sherri I believe it is possible - this is the work of a great coach - unpacking and letting go of old beliefs that no longer are needed so I can live the life I always dreamed of. There is no one on the other end of the phone saying "no." There is only: "go."

A wonderful enthusiasm and positive, can-do attitude. This is inspiring and motivating to others. She is also a good listener and has a great sense of humor. These skills are useful in her role as a coach, enabling her to understand others and where they want to go--then helping them identify challenges they need to address.

Sherri has a terrific ability to see other perspectives and identify new opportunities and possibilities. She’s also completely reliable-clearly communicates her objectives and consistently fulfills commitments.

Sherri is astute and insightful. She is particularly good at listening without judgment to what’s not being said as well as what’s being said. She can unpack underlying issues at the core of tense and emotional work situations. She provides solid guidance and well-measured advice for how to handle difficult work situations.

Initially, I was concerned that working with a coach might not be the best use of my time. How could a coach with limited knowledge of me and my situation help me to grow as a leader? However, Sherri is a master at asking thought-provoking questions to challenge you to get to the heart of an issue! Her questions walk you through the process of making decisions that work for you and your situation. She is also great at guiding you toward personal growth in a gentle, but effective way.

I loved that I could count on Sherri to help me get “unstuck” in a variety of different work situations. Having an outside perspective and confidential sounding board was invaluable as I worked through several challenges at work during the year I worked with Sherri.

I would wholeheartedly recommend working with Sherri, particularly if you are looking to be challenged to grow professionally.
- Jessica Hoskins, Research Chemist, Stepan Company

Sherri is an incredibly effective and impactful coach. Using a variety of techniques and strategies throughout the course of our work together, Sherri allowed me to make progress on a few different areas in my life in which I felt stuck - both professionally and personally.  She consistently listened closely, asked powerful questions, and challenged me to think differently.  I continue to draw upon the wisdom that I gained from her and feel as though our time together was always well spent.  I would without hesitation recommend Sherri for anyone looking for a passionate and skilled co-active coach.
- Dustin Schneider, Learning and Development Partner, Facebook

Prior to entering into coaching with Sherri, I wondered whether I would feel "coached" by someone who might not understand my line of work or background. However, from the first meeting, I knew this was not going to be a problem. Sherri's ability to ask pointed questions and follow up with additional insightful observations and further inquiries, helped tease out key issues and tie things together into my bigger picture overarching goals.

I have had many rewarding sessions with Sherri, but the highlight for me was when she asked me to read a book on a topic relevant to a work situation and then challenged me to apply it immediately with one my colleagues. I was very hesitant as I wasn't sure I was ready, and confrontation is never comfortable. However, her encouragement and reminders of the themes from the book helped me overcome the uncertainty and realize more of my potential. It gave me more confidence in myself.

I would describe Sherri as someone who is very skilled at tough love - enough praise and encouragement for me to feel like I am getting some great wins in life, but also just enough to push me to want to be better and achieve more
- Jessica Chu, VP Finance

Sherri is a great facilitator. I enjoy participating in her programs; they are always professionally presented. Sherri is knowledgeable about her content; enthusiastic in her delivery; and keeps a good pace to ensure understanding. I highly recommend Sherri!
- Gail Truelson, Director, Human Resources

While at Stepan, Sherri demonstrated a high degree of strategic agility as she transformed a traditional T&D group into a globally oriented Learning & OD team with a scope much more in line with the needs of the Company. She led the creation of our highly successful Emerging Leaders Program and pushed the organization toward the use of 360-degree feedback surveys with coaches to facilitate personal development.  At Stepan, we continue to work with Sherri to leverage her business acumen, her drive for results and her terrific interpersonal skills. She continually receives high marks from our employees for her practical advice and her enthusiasm.
- Greg Servatius, VP Human Resources, Stepan Company

Our coaching sessions were relaxed and insightful. Sherri asked great questions which encouraged me to think about my topic from different perspectives. Sherri was very generous and shared useful resources after our sessions which helped me keep up my momentum inbetween our sessions. I personally now have stopped my circular thinking and procrastinating and am confident to move forward into a new stage of my life. I now have a clear path ahead and know where I am going. This clarity has created certainty for me. Thanks Sherri!
- Gaye Kuelsen, Professional Coach

Sherri led our Global Visioning initiative. As one of the Executive Sponsors of the initiative, I appreciated Sherri recommending a creative and inclusive methodology, Appreciative Inquiry, to employ in developing the Company's first ever formal vision statement.

Sherri successfully lead a diverse project team, was an instrumental member of our Executive Sponsor Team, and managed the work of several sub-committees. Her positive energy and optimism throughout the process were keys to our vision coming to fruition.

The end result was a vision and statement that galvanized our organization and aligned with our core values. The project was highlighted in our 2010 Annual Report. A very successful outcome and overall a job very well done.
- Frank Pacholec, VP Strategy & Corporate Development, Stepan Company

Sherri is a very talented and experienced executive coach who consistently gets top ratings on Pluma. Clients love working with her, and she is a joy to have on our team.
- Alexandra Connell, Pluma

Sherri Blix, a graduate of the Masters of Science in Human Resources (MSHR), is a valued alum who has followed in the Loyola tradition of “giving back” by serving Loyola on expert panels, speaking in human resource classes and advising the faculty on program improvements. Most recently, Ms. Blix successfully taught our graduate human resource development course. Ms. Blix’s success in this class was in large part due to her substantial experience in human resource development and outstanding presentation skills. Loyola faculty greatly appreciate her contribution to the MSHR program.
- Dow Scott, PhD Professor of Human Resources, Loyola University Chicago

Sherri has a very encouraging and supportive style that made me feel fearless. She has excellent listening skills and the willingness to challenge another coach’s thinking. With being a new coach, there is often an uphill climb in our confidence and understanding of the best process for coaching our clients. Sherri was very helpful in supporting my need to hit the pause button, turn around and look at things from a 360-degree vantage point so that I could focus on the positives of what was going well rather than only the areas for opportunity. Sherri also was generous in her support of my coaching journey by sharing her coaching thoughts and techniques with me when I asked.
- Christine Noffz, PCC Career Coach

Sherri was instrumental in establishing the Emerging Leaders Program (ELP) at Stepan, a year-long development opportunity for selected high potential employees. I had the pleasure of participating in the ELP and personally gained skills and insights that equipped me to be a better leader. This program saw several "generations" of participants, many of whom took on roles of additional leadership responsibility. Sherri is also an exceptional facilitator, coach, and mentor. She provides meaningful feedback, offers an objective perspective, and encourages the accomplishment of individual goals. I highly recommend Sherri to any individual seeking a professional coach or to any organization developing its people.
- Meredith Schneider, Director Tate & Lyle