Even Near The Top, There’s Still Plenty Of Room For Growth.

Although your organization’s more seasoned leaders may have learned a great deal through many years of experience, where do they go from here to increase their performance, fine tune their existing skills and stay abreast of new approaches to galvanizing others?

One of the best ways to elevate growth is through a combination of ongoing feedback and one-on-one coaching. The Blix Feedback and Coaching Program delivers a well-constructed strategy, to be used with numerous leaders, that encourages mid to senior-level leaders to continue their evolution over a six-month to one-year period.

Services included in the Feedback and Coaching Program:


  • Tailor a program that integrates with your current Talent Management process (i.e., use existing 3600 surveys, competency models and development plans)
  • Communicate the program to all stakeholders to encourage honest feedback
  • Coordinate 3-way meetings with participant, their manager and coach
  • Administer and oversee online assessments


Leaders work one-on-one with a Blix Coach to develop the skills, knowledge and attitudes required for taking their overall leadership to the next level.

  • Debrief feedback in a way that can more easily be accepted and acted upon
  • Formulate a robust development plan
  • Coach specific to each client’s needs
  • Share relevant leadership tools, tips, and techniques


  • Track completion of development plan goals
  • Evaluate program
  • Compile group report

Blix Consulting and Coaching prepares all elements for a smooth implementation that garners great results: Meaningful feedback. Increased self-awareness. Customized coaching. All in one program designed to transform your more experienced leaders into the best version of themselves yet.