Taking Center Stage

 Would you like to:

  • Develop clear content that speaks to your listeners?
  • Streamline your preparation time?
  • Deliver polished presentations?
  • Lower your anxiety and make your nervousness work for you?
  • Influence more people with your ideas?
  • Think on your feet?

 Sherri Blix’s years of performance experience make her well-equipped to work with leaders in improving and refining their communication and presentation skills. She has liberated hundreds of professionals from their fear of public speaking and provided clients the one-on-one practice, honest feedback and spot-on skills to enhance their speaking style. Leveraging tools of the theatrical trade, you will “act your way into being” a more dynamic professional speaker.

Presentation Skills Coaching Process:

This 10-12 hour, customized process usually occurs over a 2-month period to allow for application of skills between sessions. Ideally, you will bring an upcoming presentation to work on during coaching.

Act I: Who You Are as a Leader/Presenter

  • Solicit feedback from colleagues
  • Uncover any fears you have of public speaking
  • Learn tips to minimize nervousness and anxiety
  • Identify your authentic style
  • Videotape introductory remarks and view the tape together

Act II: Content Development

  • Complete an audience profile
  • Discuss options for crafting your content for optimal flow and impact
  • Create attention-getting openers and powerful conclusions
  • Develop or refine the presentation to better address listeners’ needs and benefits
  • Additional guidance available on: creating slides, designing for visual impact, and crafting a compelling story

Act III: Delivery

  • Focus on visual and vocal aspects of presenting
  • Practice exercises to polish delivery style
  • Videotape and review practice exercises
  • Deliver presentation
  • Additional guidance available on: controlling Q & A, handling awkward situations, and working with visual aids

Success Story

CLIENT:  Chief Data Officer, Insurance & Financial Services

THE NEED: Presentation Skills for a CDO, with a heavy accent and quick speaking pace.

RESULT: Sherri guided the officer, relatively new to the organization, to acquire insight and knowledge about the culture of the company, as well as the internal audience to whom he would be presenting. The client constructed an engaging overview of his IT function to hundreds of employees nation-wide via live broadcast. As a result of reorganizing his content, developing slides with appropriate images, and tailoring the content from his listeners’ perspective, he was able to keep his audience’s interest throughout the presentation. He rehearsed the presentation with Sherri, practicing a variety of delivery skills, so that he was able to clearly and effectively communicate his message. The CDO received overwhelmingly positive feedback on his presentation and created a positive first impression as a new C-Suite leader.

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