Organizations Don’t Change. People Do.

In our coaching engagements, Blix’s collaborative process identifies the client’s strengths, challenges and opportunities for growth and development, while cultivating in the client a deeper self-awareness. When people learn about themselves through coaching, they are much more committed to changing their behavior because it came from their own realization. We have coached leaders across numerous industries, helping them increase their leadership capability, polish their presentation skills and exude greater executive presence.

A Person’s Greatest Advantages Are Already Inside. It’s Time To Bring Them Out.

We work from the premise that our clients don’t need to be “fixed.” It’s plenty easy to focus on one’s deficits. Advocates of strengths-based coaching, drawing from positive psychology, come from a different, more empowering perspective. We believe that by knowing your strengths, you can craft your life so that you’re more productive, reach your goals, and are ultimately more fulfilled.

We Coach With a Healthy Mix of Support and Challenge

While we champion clients and love to celebrate their successes, we are also aware that our job is to create challenge. One of the top reasons people work with a coach is so they are pushed beyond what they think they are capable of doing. It’s at the edges of your comfort zone that growth occurs. Most people tell you what you want to hear. We’ll give you honest, constructive feedback that serves your ultimate goal of becoming a better leader.

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