Your HIgh POtentials (HIPOs) Have A New Ceiling To Reach.

Are you cultivating and retaining your HIPOs? If not, it may be time to groom this group for growth and unlock your organization’s potential.

According to the Corporate Executive Board (CEB), High-Potentials are twice as valuable as non-HIPOs and organizations with strong leadership benches can deliver twice the profit growth.

It can be difficult to identify the right talent for HIPO development. At Blix, we believe identifying the ideal participants is a critical first step. We follow a systematic identification process that assesses three factors: the individual’s ability, engagement, and aspiration.

Our Emerging Leaders Program kicks off with a 2-day Leadership Challenge Workshop (see Workshops). Participants then embark on a 9-12 month journey of self-reflection, action learning projects, experiential learning, mini-job rotations and networking with other leaders.

Ongoing group coaching and peer accountability partners encourage participants to apply new leadership behaviors on the job. As a result, HIPOs’ assumptions about leadership are challenged and their ability to affect change and meet performance goals is significantly improved.

To learn more about the Emerging Leaders Program through Blix Consulting, call 773.308.4386.