Breakthrough Learning Is A Process. Not An Event.

At Blix Consulting and Coaching, our ultimate goal is to raise the leadership effectiveness of people by changing their behaviors – for the long-term. We strive to develop leaders who make meaningful change where it counts – within themselves, with their teams, and in their organizations.

For learning to be effective and for change to occur, it requires more than simply offering a training class and sending learners on their way.

Before, Learning and After

What makes Blix’s approach particularly effective is the attention we devote to preparing for what happens before and after our coaching engagements, workshops, and longer-term leadership programs. Meaningful preparations set participants and coaches up for success, while follow-up activities promote learning’s application and sustainability.

For example, we ensure the leader’s manager is engaged up front and that the learner has set specific goals for what they want to take away and apply back on the job. After any coaching session, workshop or program, we provide support structures to keep the learning alive: Action plans, various resources and tools, ongoing “feed forward,” and follow-up coaching to ensure continued progress.

We know our holistic approach works. We’ve experienced its success when we sat where you’re sitting. Adoption of new leadership behaviors, stronger teams, improved employee morale and positive business results are some of the signs that our Before, Learning and After process makes a difference.